One of our favorite events has always been the Rennsport Reunion. Every three years Migliore’s band of brothers make the trek to Monterey to compete with some of the best cars and drivers in the world. This year was no exception, Nico Castellacio called on a few of his former drivers and friends to create a dream team for the 2018 event.

With prep beginning in April, the Migliore crew prepared and tested the Coke 935 several times before Pat Long gave it his seal of approval. The shop was buzzing with excitement in early September when we held our first Pre-Rennsport BBQ to show off 9 of the 11 car we would bring to Monterey later in the month.

We can’t thank our crew enough for the long hours and hard work they endured that week. Crew Members Greg Dilione, Branden Kirschenmen, Matt Vasquez, Vinicius Leis, Mike Eaton, Loren Burgess, and Scott Carlberg came together to form the Migliore RRVI Team.

Car owner James Edwards who has long trusted Castellaccio with his cars wanted his last Rennsport to go out with a bang. Given the no limits attitude the team was able to take home the Weissach Cup P1 trophy as well as P1 & P2 in the Flacht Cup with drivers Jorge Bergmeister and Kevin Estre.

Rennsport will always be our favorite event and RRVI will forever be our favorite Rennsport.

Patrick Long Baja Cantina Luftgekühlt event.

coke baja

Flying Lizards #45 2012 Porsche 997


1985 Porsche 935 Coke “Lady”Screenshot_2018-12-20-13-53-59-1.png

Falken Tire #17 2010 Porsche 997Screenshot_2018-12-20-13-53-53-1.png

Falken Tire #17 2009 Porsche 997 “Signal Yellow” Screenshot_2018-12-20-13-53-49-1.png

Branden Kirschenman, Nico Castellaccio & Greg Dilione Team Coca ColaScreenshot_2018-12-20-13-51-14-1_1545343401332.png

Falken Tire #117 and #170 Screenshot_2018-09-30-20-48-11-1.png

Former Le Man winner Jorg Bergmeister #117 and current Le Man winner Kevin Estre #170 finished 1-2 in the Flacht Cup


Falken Tire sponsored the #17, #170, #117, and #5 cars with 60 premier Falken Race Tires.